Powder Brows Classes Portland

Churn Your Skills and Reveal the Beauty of Client’s Brows with Powder Brows Training

Are you just beginning your journey as a brow or PMU artist? Powder Brow training is a must for you to learn the tricks to reduce the makeup hours of your clients. Join our ombre powder brows training near the Vancouver, Portland, and Beaverton areas. Connect to learn more!

What to expect from our Powder Brows Training?

Ombre powder brows training is a unique brow shading technique visible from the head of the eyebrow to the brow’s tail. The shading is performed in an “ombre” effect, lighter at the head of the brow and darker at the tail. At Ayna Beauty, we will teach step-by-step procedures of tattooing brows with machine technique. With our course, you can expect to learn the art of eyebrow design, adequate combination techniques, all about the golden ratio, skin types, color theory, and facial anatomy. Along with this, our ombre powder brows training will also educate the students about

  • History of ombre powder brows
  • Using tools for ombre brows
  • Proper sanitation methods
  • Brow mapping
  • Structure of the skin
  • About client confidentiality and consent
  • The skills to uplift your business/ PMU career

Go ahead and Google with powder brows training courses Vancouver, powder brows classes in Portland, and powder brows classes in Beaverton, and find Ayna Beauty as your one stop solution.